Express Credit Card

Ever since Express decided to put out their Express Credit Card there have been a lot of greater things happening with their stores. It's really a great thing when you can see that such a store has withstood so many things in the economy and has thrived in their industry. It's also great that their Express Credit Card is also appearing to be received well also. However, the only people who have been receiving it well are those avid fans of their stores and products. For most others, the Express Credit Card just happens to be just about as worthless as a penny with a hole in it. The reason for this is the issue that they have made it to where the rewards deal is a totally separate deal from the card. It seems that they are figuring that their customers aren't going to care about having rewards and points just as they would if they were to shop at one of their competitors. True, the Express Credit Card has still managed to get picked up for whatever reason, but is it getting picked up more as a souvenir or what?

Whatever their problem is over at Express, perhaps people are picking up their card regardless is in hopes that eventually it will evolve into being something great so that the company will not have to go out of business instead. They seem to have had a great idea with trying to give points for things like tweets and social media things. However, it just seems that they didn't quite get things off the ground. The small amount of points they offered for those things were likely not going to get many of their older customers involved in their social media campaign. Moist of their older clientele simply don't know how to manage social media, and the younger ones seem to not want to be bothered with tweeting Express if they are also limited as to how many times they can do it and get points for it. In other words, they had some great ideas that just didn't quite come to a full fruition in our opinion.


With the lack of points and the weakness of their social media campaign out of the way, it just seems that perhaps the reason people still flood their stores on sales days is because they really do actually carry some nice clothing at some already very cheap prices. You don't really need a coupon or anything in order to get some great deals in Express stores. Perhaps this is why they are struggling to come up with something that makes the shopping experience more interesting without them just giving away clothes outright. 

Since it seems that people are going to shop at Express whether or not they have a great card option, maybe they should just do away with the Express Credit Card altogether. It would be really nice though if they were able to figure out a great way to promote their Express Credit Card option. Perhaps they can bring out the layaway option or anything that will encourage people to get even more products at the cheap prices they offer.